Sonia Wu is a product designer & award-winning researcher with a specialization in human-AI interaction. With her, you can build loveable products from 0->1 and help your team to make data-driven product decisions.

Master's in Human-Computer Interaction  '23
@ Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science

Selected Work


🔒 inQntrol: Can we streamline 20+ legacy systems and reduce troubleshooting time for technicians?

0->1 / Product Strategy / B2B SaaS  

Accessible Google Maps: How can we empower mobility-challenged travelers to plan trips freely?

App design / Accessibility / UX research

Snapask: How can we ensure 4M+ students can find tutors smoothly?

UX research / Wireframing / Usability study

Publications / User Research-Intensive Work)


CHI'22 Paper Award: How do we design the perfect guidance for chatbot users?

Content design / Conversational AI / Design research

WikiBench: How can we simplify the evaluation of AI models for Wikipedia communities? 

System design / Human-AI interaction  



Seeing impacts

Sonia's not just smart, she's also got an amazing growth mindset. Her work led to some big changes to our three-year product plan. We all turn to her research for valuable insights that help us unlock new doors of possibility for our products.

Jason Wang
VP of Design @ Snapask

Hearing users

Sonia is a brilliant and gifted UX researcher who really understands how to find valuable insights and advocate for users. She has a strong desire for creative problem solving and the ability to plan, manage and execute end-to-end UX research projects.

Ben Tseng
Senior UX Designer @ IBM

Taking growth srsly

Endlessly curious, Sonia is the kind of student you nurture a little bit and then step back as she takes responsibility for her own growth. This growth manifested in her approach to addressing the complexities arising from the business domain and IoT.

Skip Shelly
MHCI Program Director @ CMU

Having fun

Inspiring, motivating, and fun! I had the pleasure of working with Sonia in the UX team at Snapask for over 6 months. She's great at handling multiple projects simultaneously, sharp at analyzing and finding insights, and creative in storytelling.

Vera Liu
UX Writer @ HelloFresh

Getting full package

I've worked with many students, Sonia is the most well-rounded and skilled student researcher. When everyone in the room thought the  was out of context, Sonia was the one who could connect the dots and provide meaningful interpretation to it.

Yung-Ju (Stanley) Chang
HCI Professor @ Stanford

Setting standards

Sonia's prototyping and testing process is, to me, a gold standard to which students should aspire to achieve. Her eagerness to provide evidence of impact were exceptional. Her prototype includes such a rich plethora of interlocked features.

Geoff Kaufman
Associated Professor @ CMU HCII