I'm Sonia Meng-Hsin Wu. I’ll call myself a cheerleader, a cortado hunter, a meme generator user, a pretty okay film photographer, and a dynamic climber who specializes in falling.

To sound less cool, I am currently a UX Researcher and graduate student studying Human-Computer Interaction in Carnegie Mellon University.

I believe every good design starts with an even better story.

🎐 How I find poetry in the ordinary ...

I write and cringe at what I've written earlier.

My previous work, mostly poems and prose, has been published in several local collections in Taiwan.

Now, I just write for myself and keep my most beautiful words in my diary, in the closed drawer, and in letters to my 80-year-old grandmother.

"Beauty is everywhere. It is not that she is lacking to our eye, but our eyes which fails to perceive her" - Auguste Rodin

I live by these words. These photos were my attempts at reviving broken film and giving it new beauty. Some people might see this film as trash, but to me it is a canvas full of possibilities.

You can tell that I was really into photography by the fact that I'm still using a broken film camera. Either that, or I was just really naive. When I was 17, I was extremely competitive and was lucky enough to receive 10+ medals & honors in the most prestigious photography awards (Px3, MIFA, IPA, etc)

It didn't take me long to realize that there's more to photography than just winning medals. These days, I'm focusing more on training my eye and mind to take better photos. And if you're curious, my favorite photograph is the one I'm going to take tomorrow :)